Welcome to RFF.

Welcome to Running Free Farms.


First off I would like to welcome you to Running Free Farms website and blog.

On this site you will find information about Ashley and the Farm, services we offer, all of our contact information and links, as well you will see our blog, where Ashley will post in regards to different event occurring in the Equine Industry.   
Running Free Farms (RFF) is about Equine Advocacy, Therapy and Horse Training Facility. With focuses on Gentling horses, Equine Therapy and Welfare, Raising Equine awareness and individualized training methods both on the ground and under saddle. All of the methods Ashley performs are individualized for each horse she is working with. Ashley strongly believes that horses have a way of communicating with us that can sooth our souls and fill our hearts.

Ashley is an active board member with the Canadian Wild Horses (CWH) participating in various events across Canada. You can find out more information about CWH under the CWH tab. To find out more about Ashley herself check out our About tab.

Our blog is where Ashley will express her opinions on different concerns, providing proper education and awareness. Ashley will also keep you up to date on what is happening around with her personal horses as well as training mounts.!

Thank you.!

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