CWH’s Mascot

Canadian Wild Horses new Mascot and Running Free Farms new rescue and project.


She has finally arrived.!! My newest project and Canadian Wild Horses Mascot.!

This little girl comes from a rough past from what I have been told. She was purchased through auction and was too much pony for the owners. We (CWH) have taken this pony in and will teach her how to interact and connect with humans. I am classifying her as wild, she may have been handled in the past but she has not been handled properly in a very long time.


Her information:
2 years old (From what we are told)
Dark Bay/Black
Approx. 8hh
Breed is unknown at this time
Unhandled filly
**Possibly in-foal, will be having her vetted as soon as we are able to handle her**

I would like to say a big Thank You to David from DW Stables out of Springbrook, ON for providing his trailering services and his advice. We got her moved to the our farm in Thomasburg, ON safely. When we arrived at the farm, I jumped into the trailer to see if I would be able to get a lead rope on her. That was not happening after she turned and thought that she was going to try to double barrel kick me. Thankfully, I jumped out of the way, and we just let her out of the trailer in the round pen. Where she has settled with Red and Gladis just outside of the fence providing her with social interaction.


Today I did a little work with her. I wanted to see where she was when it came to human interaction and connection. At first I was unable to get within a 10 feet distance of her before she took off running. After I had her walking and jogging around the round pen for a little bit she began to relax. She had been cooped up in a stall for far to long and needed that clarity to run free. I then brought Red into the round pen to use him as a guide with her. As I asked her to proceed forward Red was right behind her pushing her ahead. After I let her and Red interact for a bit and her understand my voice ques by following Red’s commands.


By the end of our short session today, I was still unable to make physical contact with her but was able to get about 5 feet away from her prior to her taking off. She has licking and chewing after I had asked her to go around the round pen alone a few more time. She has begun to pick up on the whoa voice command and demonstrated that today.

This little girl does not lack brains, she lacks confidence, guidance and self esteem. Please follow me as I make my way through this adventure with this little girl.


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