Running Free Farms offers a variety of different services.

Specializing In:
All natural horsemanship, Ashley does not use whips or props or aggressive methods. All methods Ashley uses she has had previous successes with and determines with the Equine she is working with to find what methods work best for them. Ashley also uses coaching methods individualized for you that she has had previous successes with.

  • Individualized Training & Coaching programs
  • Behavioural Issues: Human & Non-Human caused
  • Racehorse Retraining programs
  • Barrel Racing & Pole Bending
  • Providing proper foundations for both Athletes
  • Colt Starting

Training Available: On & Off Property Training.
Gentling & Healing Abused & Wild horses
Starting horses of all ages (Colt Starting)
Work with Behavioural Issues (Human & non-Human caused)
Retraining Racehorses (Thoroughbreds, Standardbreds and Quarter Horses)
Barrel Racing/Pole Bending
Western Gymkhana
Competitive Preperation
Ground/In hand training: Halter Training available
Basic foundation & proper aid training
Trail riding training


All Training includes proper care, individualized programs for the horse, enforcing proper ground manners and basic training. Flexible schedule that works around you and your horses needs and wants. Ashley offers a Trail Riding training program as there have been many issues over the years regarding horses spooking in traffic, taking off on trails, being unpredictable and Ashley wants to make sure you and your Equine partner have safe&happy trails.

English Disciplines: Teaching proper leg and hand aids, basic dressage, introduction to Eventing and Hunter/Jumpers, work through fence refusal issues and offer refreshing training.

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Western Disciplines: Teaching proper aids, teaching horses to properly neck rein, teaching proper foundation undersaddle, introduction to cattle, focusing on Barrel Racing, Pole Bending, and Gymkhana events. From starting a horse on a pattern or introducing them to their first cow, to being competition ready.

Ashley teaches to riders of all ages and riding ability. Ashley customizes her coaching methods to what is best for both you and your horse to make you successful as a united team. Ashley offers coaching in both English and Western Disciplines. **Show coaching is available.** Travelling within Quinte and Northumberland regions.

Equine Therapy:
Ashley will be obtaining her EAL certificated in 2017 and will be offering her services through CWH’s programs.